Prakata Pengetua


Being a teacher is the only profession where you are constantly learning. Just when you think you have all the public speaking skills, you will be shocked to see and hear of many new methods. Advanced public speaking and listening skills are very important for today’s teacher. Teachers too must master the art of non verbal communication for it plays a vital role in speaking and understanding the unspoken words.           
When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. As such strategic planning is of utmost importance so that our goals are insight. Planning alone does not bear any fruits. Teacher need to master creative techniques, time and total quality management if they really want to become good teachers.           
The times are changing and new methods and rules are emerging. Present day teachers cannot be content with their past knowledge. They need to equip themselves with the latest know how of new tools and rules for teaching.           
Teachers of today produce the brains of tomorrow. They need personal counseling techniques and development psychology to mould these students who face constant emotional and psychological constraints.           
Students are our main clients and so today’s teachers simply have their clients, guiding and encouraging them. As teachers of the 21st century, we need to and must have the best negotiations and sales techniques.           
The stakes are so high because teachers are dealing with the students’ future and as such pitching the right sales technique is very important. We need to advertise and sell the fact that the subject we are teaching, is of great importance to them. We need to master these techniques to sell the idea that learning and education is smoothing you cannot do without. If you have all these basics for becoming a teacher then we hail you as a great teacher who inspires all. Strive to be an inspiration to all, fellow teachers and students alike! 

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